to touch, embrace and understand life.

Her work is like a warm embrace … close and understanding.

Maru Oriol listens and converses with each material.

Her art is an act of love. It allows us to feel life.

‘My pieces invite you into a different experience, down a path of personal, intuitive feelings. From a block of stone, I can make a talisman that shares a world with people who feel the emotion of art.’

of simplicity

Maru Oriol understands how to dialogue with the forces born from nature and the materials that emerge from the earth.

Maru Oriol Estudio

‘Sculpture, unlike other arts, is about making a form that you can embrace. It’s like a dream made into object. And it’s beautiful when others can embrace your dreams. That’s when communication happens.’

Her work balances opposites in subtle harmony: fragility and solidity, a fusion that leads us to the inner wholeness and strength we seek.

To the artist, sculpture is her home, refuge, identity, inspiration, truth and being. Qualities she offers you to feel what she feels when she creates.

Come dream with me

the essence
of her sculpture

Through her work, Maru builds a bridge to communicate the inner world that’s always been in her dreams and connects it to those who want to find emotion in that same dimension.

‘Looking at sculpture outside, I understand an inner world that is free and limitless. It’s how I discovered, as a child, to express myself.’

Surrendering to the wisdom of her creative voice, her method shapes the void to express the total freedom of her authenticity. Her expression is a visceral need for communication.

´I understood motherhood by working with bronze. I could create my children with my hands, sculpting them in the way I know, and that’s how I actually I realized what had happened inside me. Being a mother is an overwhelming experience.’

Maru Oriol Hijos

Maru Oriol draws her artistic talents from her roots and family. She belongs to a long line of artists. Her grandparents were gifted at sculpture and painting, while her mother has a talent for writing and her father is the architect Miguel de Oriol.

‘At age fifteen, I decided to write a sweet letter to my father, declaring my desire and decision to become a sculptor.’