MARU ORIOL uses her creative intuition to translate into an essential language the nature of each material: robust, solid, and strong. These qualities help to express endurance and imperishability in contrast to the fragility of the sculpted matter. The expressive capacities of materials are suggested by their intrinsic nature.

Maru’s work, examples of which are in the private collections of the Royal Family and Norman Foster, is RESONANT AND SENSITIVE.


This material is her greatest challenge.

‘The folds of marble nestled the solitude I felt.
Marble is the classic material of the sculptor: hard, intense, and eternal. Creating figures out of this stone has always been –
from the Greeks to Michelangelo or Bernini– a battle to curve the rigid axis, and lay bare suppleness in the stone, relaxing the stateliness of the stone.’


Once she had conquered the challenge that she had set for herself in her Litolaxa series, Maru turned to basalt, the hardest material for sculptors to work. Imagine trying to bend a majestic Egyptian statue. Maru admires the sculptor Isamu Noguchi as the greatest artist to work in basalt.

‘Basalt is the most challenging stone. It is the densest and the heaviest. The force and gravity of basalt is like a very powerful energy of nature.’


Compared to the tough battle with stone, working in glass is a kind of physical and mental relaxation for the artist. Over time, Maru’s personal process has softened the presence of artistic ego, to become more attuned to the glass, which is given shape through heat. The action of the artist melds with the chaos of the material.

‘Glass is a truly malleable stone, it’s all about physics. That is its truth and its difficulty.

My means of expression has always been intuitive. With glass, I have five seconds to act, and I’ve faced the open kiln to strike the glass plate and thus create expressivity… it’s brute force, pure instinct.

I don’t try to tell glass to do what it doesn’t… unlike with stone… Glass tells you, and then opens a window for action. You raise the kiln and discover the hap and expressivity of the material…‘



Basalt and glass



HERE YOU CAN SEE all my work for sale.

Materials: marble, basalt and glass.
Sizes: small, medium and large scale
Prices: consult. Between € 3,000 and € 20,000